Training Vs. Working Out: Embracing The Mindset Shift


Have you ever found yourself casually talking about working out at Peak Human Performance, only to be corrected by a coach with a reminder that we don’t just “work out” here – we train? It’s something that we joke about, but that we take to heart and one that speaks volumes about our approach to exercise and fitness. Let’s talk a little more about what it is we mean.

The Mindset Shift:

At Peak, we talk about our 3 pillars of performance, and the idea of training vs. working out comes back to the base Pillar: mindset. It’s about recognizing that your time at Peak is about more than just going through the motions and thinking about each class or 1 on 1 session as just another workout. It’s about embracing the mindset that each session is a step towards a greater goal – whether that’s performance-related, enhancing life quality, or pursuing a passion. Training involves aligning your mind and body with a purpose, following a plan designed to help you achieve or progress towards your goal.

Understanding Training:

You might think of training as something reserved for elite athletes gearing up for the big game under the stadium lights. However, the truth is, that anyone can approach their exercise routine with a training mindset. It’s about realizing that each day’s effort contributes to a bigger picture and that every goal, no matter how big or small, is worth pursuing. Whether you’re preparing for a ski trip, gearing up for a summer obstacle race, or simply aiming to play with your kids without feeling sore and aching after rolling around on the ground, setting a goal gives your workouts purpose and meaning.

Creating Meaningful Goals:

Setting a goal doesn’t have to be daunting or grandiose. It’s about identifying something that inspires you and gives you a clear target to aim for. Whether it’s improving your strength, endurance, flexibility, or overall well-being, having a goal provides a framework for your training journey. And remember, progress toward your goal is the ultimate measure of success, no matter how incremental it may seem.

Embracing the Training Mindset:

Shifting your perspective from “working out” to “training” can be transformative. It instills a sense of purpose and ownership over your exercise routine, motivating you to give each session your all. So, the next time you step into your training session at Peak, ask yourself: What am I training for? Whether it’s conquering a personal best or simply enhancing your daily life, let that goal guide your efforts and fuel your motivation.


In conclusion, the distinction between training and working out goes beyond semantics – it’s about embracing a mindset shift that transforms your approach to exercise. By viewing each session as a step towards a meaningful goal, you empower yourself to take charge of your fitness journey with purpose and intention. So, the next time you grab your gym bag and head to Peak remember: You’re not just working out, you’re training for something greater.

About the Author

Kyle Dorsten is the Adult Program Director at Peak Human Performance. Following his time as a Certified Athletic Trainer providing medical care and rehabilitation programs for a multitude of patients Kyle acquired his CSCS hoping to bridge the gap between rehab and performance. Following a stint with Premier Health and Ohio State Kyle found his way to Peak Human Performance in 2020. He strives to cultivate a sense of compassion and belonging with all those he works with as well as creating a welcoming environment for any who come to Peak. His ultimate goal is to show all who come to Peak the true strength they have within themselves both mental and physical. @dorsten24

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