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Fall Athlete Program


The Key To Unlocking Your Full Athletic Potential Is Here!

Welcome to Peak Athletic Performance, where commitment to athletic excellence isn’t just a goal, it’s a lifestyle. We understand that true mastery and dominance on the field, court, or in the pool go beyond routine practices. It’s the result of dedication and training.

The Athlete Program

Our thorough Long-Term Athletic Development Model distinctly classifies athletes into three comprehensive competency and performance levels (I, II, & III). This ensures each athlete acquires the precise tools and skills essential for seamless progression from novice to expert.

This methodical approach exceeds standard youth introductions into training; it orchestrates each developmental phase to align with the athlete’s unique milestones. Recognizing that middle school athletes can’t endure the same intensity as high schoolers and that high school athletes still need to reach the physical maturity to train like their collegiate counterparts, we’ve crafted a series of programs to meet them at their current level.

Our commitment is to guide each athlete efficiently, safely, and effectively toward their aspirations, providing a tailored plan that navigates them from where they are to where they desire to be. 

LV1 BEGINNER: Building Foundations

Suited For: Elementary to Early Middle School Students 

Level 1 is where the athletic journey begins. In this foundational phase, young athletes are immersed in core movement principles, creating a dynamic and enjoyable introduction to performance training. The emphasis here is on the basics: stretching, body bracing, fundamental exercises for athletics, safe jumping and landing, as well as instilling proper acceleration, deceleration, and running techniques. This stage ensures a smooth transition to Level 2, setting them up for future athletic endeavors.

LV2 A&B- INTERMEDIATE: Elevating Skills

Suited For: Middle School to Freshman Athletes 

As athletes transition from the basics, Level 2 sharpens their skill set, gearing them up for high school challenges. Here, they’re introduced to our unique CORE 7 exercises and the pivotal BIG 3 Lifts. While diving deeper into these advanced techniques, the curriculum continues to emphasize foundational elements like proper stretching, core stability, and plyometrics. Athletes will also learn speed & agility drills, conditioning & recovery methodologies, performance testing, nutrition insights, developing an athletic mindset and weight room essentials. By the end of this phase, athletes are not just stronger and faster but are also more mature in the weight room and are well-equipped and eager for the intensive Level 3 training.

LV3 A&B- ADVANCED: Mastery & Beyond

Suited For: High School and College-Bound Athletes 

Level 3 is the pinnacle of our group training program, tailored for athletes determined to stand out in their respective sports. This advanced stage introduces elements to the program such as Athlete Pilates and Olympic Lifts. Every facet of athletic training is intensified, guiding athletes to test their boundaries and expand their capacities. Upon completing this level, athletes are adept, informed, and confident, ready to thrive in high school or college environments. Whether supervised or on their own, they’re primed to maximize their training sessions effectively.

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October 13
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