You have ten weeks…
Ten weeks to get faster…
Ten weeks to get stronger…
Ten weeks to gain more
control over your body, 
So you can gain more control
over the competition.
We have the programs, 
We have the coaches, 
We have the experience.
Don’t leave “your best” to chance…


Level 1 (Developmental)

This program is FUN and engaging. Designed for Elementary age children, Level 1 teaches young athletes the basics of stretching, breathing, the core exercises as well as jumping, landing, agility and sprinting fundamentals. Our objective is to create a well-rounded athlete that is prepared to graduate to our Level 2 program.

LEVEL 2 A/B (Proficiency)

In Level 2 our focus shifts from teaching to learning how to apply the skills learned in Level 1. This involves more complex patterns and drills. Taking this approach allows athletes to improve their strength while isolating and correcting deficiencies. By combining speed, agility and plyometrics with an increased focus on strength training we will continue to build a strong base of knowledge so each athlete will be prepared for our level 3 program.

LEVEL 3 A/B (Mastery)

In Level 3 the focus shifts to Mastery over one’s body. Mastery consists of long format programs split in two categories: Strength Specific or Speed Specific. Both sessions are designed to develop each skill independently. Whether you are looking to improve strength, power, explosiveness or just need to maintain during in-season competition, this is the perfect program to accomplish your goals.

*Each athlete will be assessed to determine which level they will be put into. Assessment will be scheduled once registration is completed.


10 Week Summer Training Program
June 3rd – August 11th

Option 1 (PAID IN FULL)

$450 - Unlimited access to all athlete classes

OPtion 2 (installments)

Payment #1: $225 (due at purchase)
Payment #2: $225 (due on July 8th)

Option 3 (PACKAGES)

4-pack (1x per week): $114
8-pack (2x per week): $194