ALIGN: Your Guided Path to Holistic Well-Being

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In a world that often feels uncertain, finding something you can truly trust and rely on can be a breath of fresh air. ALIGN, our 31-day program, offers you just that – a carefully curated journey that you can confidently embrace. If you’re someone who seeks assurance and control, ALIGN is your guided path to holistic well-being.

ALIGN isn’t just a program; it’s a heart-centered movement designed to enrich every facet of your being. Whether you’re new to Pilates or a seasoned practitioner, our meticulously structured program is tailored to meet your needs.

As someone who appreciates structure and assurance, you’ll be delighted to know that ALIGN is your compass for self-discovery

💥 CONNECT (Days 1-6): Establish the foundation by deepening your connection with yourself. Our carefully designed Pilates movements and precise breathwork reawaken muscles and set the tone for your ALIGN journey.

🔥 BURN (Days 7-12): Ignite your fire with BURN – a dynamic fusion of movement and stability training. With each deep breath, you’ll engage muscles that may have been dormant, leaving you empowered and energized.

🌊 FLOW (Days 13-18): Embrace the joy of FLOW – a dance with the reformer that seamlessly links choreography and coordination. Glide from one motion to the next, creating harmony between body and spirit.

💪 PUMP (Days 19-24): Say hello to PUMP – where Pilates meets strength training. Sculpt your muscles, engage your core, and embrace the synergy of dynamic weight work.

POWER (Days 25-31): Elevate your ALIGN experience with POWER – a high-energy, heart-pounding fusion of cardio and sculpting. Push your limits and leave each session with a renewed sense of vitality.

One of the most exciting aspects this year is the addition of ALIGN being virtual! It doesn’t matter where you live, this year, you can participate in ALIGN body + mind!

Clients who attend in-studio have the option to catch classes at home if there is a waitlist or if your kid is sick and you can’t make it in. Nothing will stop you from ALIGN’ing. SO EXCITING!

Our carefully structured ALIGN program ensures that you’re always in capable hands. Your trust in us is the foundation of your journey.

Beyond the structured classes, you’ll receive a weekly meditation to guide you on a progressive journey into self. Additionally, our daily journaling prompts will lead you to deep self-reflections, fostering a stronger connection to yourself.

Trust the ALIGN process. Our experienced instructors and thoughtfully planned classes have your well-being at the forefront. Allow us to guide you toward a holistic well-being that nurtures both your body and mind.

Embrace the journey with us. Sign up here.

About the Author

Amy is the Director of ALIGN body + mind Pilates Studio and Co-Owner of Peak Human Performance. A creative spirit, empath, and advocate for quality, Amy has immersed herself in the fitness and wellness industry for 15 years. Her journey, rich with experiences, revolves around the profound impact of intentional movement. At ALIGN, Amy and the team aspire to share this transformative gift with you, wherever you are on your journey. Follow Amy for more inspiration @amywhite_wellness

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