5 Reasons To Add Strength Training To Your Routine Today

A focused training session in progress, with a female coach supporting a male athlete as he performs a squat with a barbell in a well-equipped gym.

Let’s face it, being “healthy” in this day and age seems more complicated now than ever before. Despite all of the “correct” foods, gym membership options, and medicine we have access to as a society, we are slipping further and further into trouble. 

But How Is This Possible? 

To put it bluntly, it’s all too confusing.

There are too many influencers, books, articles, and talking heads telling people “what they should do” without knowing anything about them. Marketing companies are so damn good at making us feel like we have all the problems that only their products can solve, and Netflix just keeps getting better and better. 

Things have changed dramatically and quickly. How to workout today is different than it was five years ago and is different than it was 15 years ago. Depending on the era you grew up in will dramatically impact your view on the importance of strength training and fitness in general. 

Nowadays, more profits are made selling “health,” and researchers are racing to find new ways to tell us how to improve it. The truth is this: you only need a handful of core concepts to get it 90% right, and strength training is one of them. 

A Holistic Approach To Strength Training

In this article, I will share our holistic approach to strength training, what most fitness-ers and lifestyle athletes (active adults who like to “compete”) have known for decades, and what doctors and researchers are seemingly just coming around to understanding and it’s this: 

“Strength training is a vital ingredient in pursuing a long, healthy, and vibrant life.” 

There are two key pieces I want to draw your attention to. 

  1. Strength training is “a vital ingredient.”  It is not the ONLY or even the MOST IMPORTANT ingredient; it is merely a vital piece of the whole puzzle
  2. The statement: “a long, healthy, and vibrant life.” I say this because it requires you to consider HOW you want to live as you age. 

Strength training benefits are no longer just for athletes and gym rats; it’s about training for life, which requires a different approach and a very different mindset. It is a universal tool for boosting longevity and enhancing the quality of your life by improving your healthspan, which is the period of life spent in good health.

Let’s dive into five compelling reasons why incorporating strength training into your routine is beneficial for playing the long game to improve your health.

1.) Rev Up Your Resting Metabolism

Strength training is more than bulking up; it’s a powerful way to kick your metabolism into high gear. By building lean muscle and improving existing muscle efficiency, you increase your resting metabolic rate, which means your body burns more calories even when you’re not actively exercising. It’s like upgrading your body to a more efficient energy-burning machine, which can be especially helpful in managing weight and preventing the metabolic slow-down that often comes with age.

2.) Fortify Your Bones, Not Just Your Muscles

Bones, much like muscles, grow stronger under stress. Regular strength training activities such as lifting weights or using resistance bands can significantly enhance bone density. This fortification is crucial in warding off osteoporosis, a condition that weakens bones and makes them more susceptible to fractures. As we age, maintaining bone health becomes as important as maintaining a savings account – it’s an investment in your future resilient self.

3.) Improve Balance and Coordination

Strength training does wonders for your balance and coordination. By engaging in movements that challenge your muscles, you’re also training your nervous system. The result? Enhanced proprioception, or the awareness of your body in space, improves your ability to perform daily activities with ease and grace. Strength training helps you move through life more confidently, from carrying groceries to navigating uneven sidewalks.

4.) Cultivate Mental Resilience

The benefits of strength training go far beyond just the physical. As you lift weights, you’re cultivating mental strength. Each session is a lesson in perseverance, focus, and the gratifying sense of achievement that comes with lifting heavier weights, personal records, and even mastering new movements. This resilience spills over into other areas of life, equipping you with the confidence to face life’s challenges head-on.

5.) A Pillar For Overall Health

The most compelling reason to embrace strength training is its extensive list of health benefits. New research consistently links strength training with improved heart health, better blood sugar control, and even enhanced mental health. By incorporating strength training into your routine, you’re not just extending your lifespan; you’re improving your health span.

Embrace the Power of Strength

In summary, strength training really stands out as a massive opportunity to unlock a healthier, happier, stronger, more resilient version of ourselves. It can be fun to do once you know how, it’s a great way to connect with others socially and does wonders to reduce stress. So, whether lifting at the gym or training at home, the message is clear: strength training is for everyone. 

If you feel intimidated when walking into a gym or are still trying to figure out where or how to get started, have no fear! 

At Peak, we offer several in-person and remote/virtual programs, both private and group, designed to help clients learn how to improve their health and fitness through strength training. 

Feel free to reach out through the Contact Us page and schedule your free strategy session today!

About the Author

Alex White, CEO of Peak Human Performance, is a visionary dedicated to transforming lives through the 3 Pillars of Performance. With almost two decades of experience, Alex has guided high performers, from high school athletes to multimillion-dollar companies, towards success and accomplishment. His deep passion for improving lives through building stronger minds and bodies led to the creation of Peak. Join Alex on this inspiring journey, where dedication and inspiration converge @howstrongisstrong

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