Motivation is inspired by progress and your community helps you measure your progress.
Coaches Carter Turley & Alex White. Photo by Erika Brooke Presets

New Year Resolutions?

So you’re going to change your life, and this is going to be your year. Here’s a question, how many times have you said that before only to let yourself down and give up?

In a few months, when you are falling back into old habits and your initial motivation is gone, how will you get yourself on track? If you think waking up and looking at fitness memes or reading motivational quotes is going to get you up and out the door, you’re mistaken.

Creating change is hard. So, for you to be successful, let’s get a few things clear.

Understanding Motivation

All motivation is naturally fleeting, coming and going like the wind. The way motivation is portrayed and the role it plays in our success is often unclear or misleading. So let’s start at the beginning.

If you’ve ever seen a spaceship take off, you’ve presumably observed huge tubes attached to the sides of the vessel. Those tubes are rockets. Once the spaceship gets far enough off the ground, the rockets begin to lose fuel and are released from the ship so it can keep going. This analogy is very important to understand because it clearly represents the role that “motivation” plays.

Far too often we expect motivation to be around for the entire process. It gets us fired up and then it’s gone. What no one ever talks about is that motivation is supposed to be there to get you started, then there are other things we have to establish to keep the momentum going.

How to Use Motivation

When we are motivated, this is the prime time to create our plan. Identify with as much detail as you can precisely what you want to happen. Take time to consider the strategies, tactics and procedures you are going to use to accomplish your goal.

Once you’ve got the goal and the plan is laid out, identify the gaps or challenges that you’ll face along the way. What people, places or things will potentially derail you? Develop a strategy to help you get around them. When you can define this simply and clearly, you have a greater likelihood of overcoming them.

What to Do When Motivation Goes Away

So what should you do when you have no motivation? How do you create that fire internally again? It’s at this point when reflecting on your why, measuring progress and focusing on the execution of your habits that you are able to build momentum and ignite your motivation to keep moving forward.

Reflect on the Why:

If the thought of staying the same creates enough pain, you will be inspired to act and the motivation to change will return.

Measuring Progress:

If you measure your progress and see that you’ve improved even a little bit, that can again help you become inspired to keep working and moving forward.

Executing Daily:

Finally, focusing on the daily execution of great habits will create momentum and inspire continued action. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, you will gain motivation with every task you accomplish, every box you check and every win you secure.

It’s important to note there will be days when you do not feel like doing A DAMN THING. But guess what? You’re gonna have to GET OVER IT and do it anyway. Nothing worth having ever came easy so don’t give yourself the luxury of feeling comfortable all the time.

Get serious about doing the hard stuff, the stuff the person next to you won’t do. This is what will set you apart then set you up with the consistent habits and results to make moves.

Understanding this will not only help to channel your motivation this year, but it will also help make you dangerously successful.


This article was written by Co-Founder and Head Performance Coach 

Alex White from Peak Human Performance, which is a private training facility near Dublin, OH that serves mindful organizations and athletic populations of all ages.


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