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Head Strength Coach

Alex White

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Alex White is the Head Strength Coach at Peak Human Performance. His favorite part of coaching is empowering people to overcome obstacles and achieve successes that extend beyond their time together in the gym. When he is not at P.H.P. he is reading, exploring the outdoors, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends.

Program Director

Ken Kniss

Originally from Galloway, Ohio, Ken Kniss is the Program Director at Peak Human Performance. His coaching philosophy is heavily based on identifying and repairing muscle imbalances and postural distortions for clients of all ages and backgrounds. Outside of the gym, Coach Ken enjoys working on his house, and spending quality time with his wife and family.

Athlete Coach / Personal Trainer

Mike Elkins

Michael Elkins is originally from Wapakoneta, Ohio where he was a phenomenal wrestler. His coaching philosophy focuses on developing quality movement patterns while building a firm foundation early on. He believes that focusing on these key areas will improve the quality of a person’s life or the length of an athlete’s career. Away from the gym, Mike is a huge sports fan, particularly of the Cleveland Browns.

Athlete Coach / Personal Trainer

Vince Workman

Dublin, Ohio native, Vince Workman is an athlete coach and personal trainer at Peak Human Performance. He uses his experience as a Division I football player and NFL veteran to break down the essentials of movement necessary to build fitness base and athleticism while continuing to develop character. Outside of the gym he enjoys spending time with family and experiencing Columbus—especially in the world of sports.

Personal Trainer / Pilates Instructor

Amy Crandall White

Originally from Dublin, Ohio, Amy Crandall is a personal trainer and pilates instructor at Peak Human Performance. She believes training is an art and that being creative in her programing is incredibly important to keep her clients engaged. Outside of the gym she loves immersing herself in photography and spending a lot of time with family and friends.

Athlete Coach / Personal Trainer

Bobby Jocson

Originally from Bloomington, Illinois, Bobby Jocson is an athlete coach and personal trainer at Peak Human Performance. When training, he focuses on developing open lines of communication while building a trusting partnership with his clients to ensure the success of the program. Outside of the gym he enjoys playing golf, camping and challenging himself physically by attempting new things.

Instructor / Personal Trainer

Stacy Gotti

Instructor Stacy Gotti is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She believes in keeping the clients’ best interests in mind and pushing them to be better all at once. Her passion stems from a lifetime of fitness and athletic endeavors, as well as a longtime family history of active individuals. When she is not at Peak, she is a role model woman of the house, wife, mother and avid mastiff lover who enjoys devoting time to volunteering in a variety of areas to better the community.

Athlete Coach

Sarah Giesman

Sarah Giesman, from Beloit, Wisconsin, is an athlete coach and personal trainer at Peak Human Performance. Her passion for training grew out of a lifestyle shaped by years of athletic competition: from Division 1 tennis to national level triathlon. Sarah believes real change happen for clients when they connect the dots of what they’re accomplishing in the gym to everyday life. When not training, she enjoys racing her sail boat and spending time with family.

Dietitian / Personal Trainer

Stephanie Vandergriff

Originally from Tiffin, Ohio, Stephanie Vandergriff is a registered dietitian and personal trainer at Peak Human Performance. She believes in a food first approach to health and wellness and enjoys coaching her clients to be at their personal best. When she is not working, she loves cooking, reading, and spending time with her husband and son.

Operations Manager

Jamie Henderson

Originally from Springfield, Ohio, Jamie Henderson is the Operations Manager at Peak Human Performance. Her passion lies within the client experience and what she can do to make it a positive one. Cultivating a personal relationship with every client that walks through the door is the goal. In her spare time she enjoys movies and spending time with family and friends.

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