Frequently Asked Questions

What classes do you recommend for beginners?

We offer multiple options for beginners. Foundations is a great class to get you started if you are an early riser, otherwise you can explore other class offerings such as Barbell, Fit-Mix, or Strike to introduce you to Peak style training.

Do I need to pre-register for class?

Yes, we ask that you pre-register 24 hours in advance when possible. You will still be able to register the day of the class, but we just ask you pre-register as a courtesy to our instructors.

What do I need to bring to class?

We ask that you dress in appropriate training attire, including comfortable shoes to wear. It is recommended to bring your own water bottle. Towels are provided for you!

What happens if I am waitlisted for a class?

You are put on the waitlist in the order you have registered for the class. If you are added from the waitlist to the class roster, you will be sent an email and/or text message to alert you of the status change. Keep an eye on this even on the day of the class! Life happens and so at times there are last minute cancellations.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for classes and private sessions. If less than 24 hours you will still be charged for your class and/or session.

It is important with partner sessions that you inform your workout partners you will be attending in advance as well so they can plan accordingly. 

 The following rules apply to partner sessions:
1:2 session: If 1 partner is unable to attend, the other partner can either pay the rate of a 1:1 session or cancel as well.

1:3 session: If 1 partner is unable to attend, the other 2 partners can either pay the rate of a 1:2 session or cancel as well. The same applies if 2 partners cancel, the 1 remaining partner can decide if he/she wants to pay for a 1:1 session or cancel also.

Why are my purchased packages not showing up on my account?

Multiple Accounts: There have been multiple accounts created and they need merged into one account. This happens if PHP has already entered a client into the system and the client creates an account on his/her own. This will produce duplicate accounts. The client accounts need merged. Contact PHP to have this done.

Mismatched or No Email Address: An email address must be entered into the client’s profile AND this email should match that of the MindBody mobile app username. The email addresses must match in order for both accounts to be synced to one another.

In both instances, once the issue is taken care of please follow the account syncing instructions below to confirm.

Account Syncing Instructions

  1. Tap More at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Tap the Send button under Verification Email.
  4. Now check your Inbox for the verification email—it should arrive within a few minutes.
    Open this verification email and click the enclosed link.
    **Make sure when you click on the link, it directs you to Safari & does not take you directly to the app. This step must be completed using your mobile web browser.
    After you follow the link, scroll to the “Search for a business” section at the bottom of the screen.
    1. Enter Peak Human Performance and tap Search.
    2. Tap on the name of the business you would like to sync.
    3. Enter the email address and password you use with this business.
    4. Tap Sign In.

    If this still doesn’t fix the problem, please call MindBody Support using the following information.

    Phone: 877-755-4279
    Site ID: 150694

I need to be able to sign up multiple family members for classes, what is the best way to do this?

If you are the scheduler of the family we want it to be easy for you to log into your account and sign multiple people up for classes without having to maintain several accounts. It is best to utilize our online MindBody Client Portal.

  1. Confirm with PHP that you do not already have an account.
    1. If NO, then move on to steps 1-6.
    2. If YES, and you are not sure how to access it PHP will reset your password and provide you with a temporary one for you to access. Skip over step #3
  2. Type the following URL into your web browser:
  3. Create an account under your name
  4. Add your personal and billing information
  5. Add your family members to your account
  6. Schedule away!

 If you decide that is not the way you want to schedule. Then you can create an account for each respective client and schedule within their own accounts. A different email will need to be used for setup for

Do my purchased sessions have an expiration date?

Yes all purchased sessions have an expiration date. All unused sessions expire 45 days from the original date of purchase. This excludes the unlimited training package which will expire 31 days from date of purchase. If you are enrolled in a 3-month contract, the payment will run every 30 days for the duration of the contract.

I want to bring a friend with me to a workout, can I do this?

We want everyone to be able to experience Peak! You may bring your friend along for free by using a one-time use black pass. One black pass allows 2 free visits for new clients. After the black pass is used we can help your friend in learning more about our package options. If you want a friend to use a black pass you must first contact us via phone or email so that we may include your friend’s name in the class roster to ensure availability.

Can I use the same email address to create multiple accounts for myself, my kids, spouse, etc.?

Unless you are using the online MindBody Client Portal and adding your family members to YOUR account, a different email address will be needed to create each respective account. This is especially important if you will be utilizing the MindBody mobile app for your smartphone. The mobile app is synced with PHP’s system by using matching email addresses. You will not be able to sync your accounts and utilize your purchased packages/sessions if the synchronization cannot be completed.

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