The Flash Challenge

About The Program

Join Peak Human Performance August 14th – October 8th for our 8-week fall athlete program. Athletes in our fall athlete program focus on isolating their deficiencies by devoting specific time to more intense, long formatted sessions split in two categories: strength specific or speed specific. These sessions are designed to develop each skill independently. Weather you are looking to improve strength, power, explosiveness or just need to maintain during in-season competition; this is the perfect program to accomplish your goals.

Pricing Information

FALL ATHLETE PROGRAM: $450 – Unlimited all exclusive access to the approved athlete classes during the entire 8-weeks.
Start Date: August 14th
End Date: October 8th
$50 Deposit to reserve a spot
Payment #1: $200 (due by August 7th or at your performance assessment.)
Payment #2: $200 (due on September 4th)

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