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Our Philosophy

Right now you could be reading some carefully crafted script about how we are better than the best… but you’re not going to. Truth is, there are a lot of good facilities out there and a lot of good coaches, too. So why Peak?

Because we believe there are three things that separate the best of the best from everyone else:


When you decide to change your life in the areas of health and fitness, you want to work with people who genuinely CARE. Professionals who care about you, about your goals and your achievements big or small.  

When you’ve made the decision to take an hour or more out of your busy life multiple times a week, you want to be surrounded by a COMMUNITY that will challenge you when you’re feeling on top and extend a hand when you’re struggling at the bottom.

Once you finally start making changes, you’ll want to be in a place that will support the COMMITMENT you’ve made to yourself. A place that will hold you accountable to progress.  

For our clients, the PEAK community of athletes and coaches is that place.

We aren’t about gimmicks or quick fixes. We believe in hard work and continuous progress towards change. We believe in getting stronger inside and out and doing it with a smile.

The path towards a better life should be a scary one.  That is a signal for growth. But it shouldn’t be a lonely one.

Let’s do this together.


Learn just HOW your body should move. 
Pilates is PHENOMENAL for EVERYONE regardless of your fitness level. From elite athletes to fitness novices, pregnant women and those recovering from injury. Pilates sessions can be scaled to meet you where you are and take your body to a whole new level. Learn how to improve your posture, breathing, balance and muscular endurance while increasing core strength, flexibility and joint range of motion.

 Don’t Take Our Word For It

“I know what I am eating and I know why I am eating it. Peak performing is still my goal and I challenge myself daily to make small improvements. I have the right habits and I am back on track.”

-Dr. Carol Clinton, MD FASMLS, regular participant in the 8 Week Challenge

“I love working out with Stacy because she pushes us to the extreme and doesn’t let us give up or quit. She makes us feel comfortable enough to expose our biggest flaws.”
“Amy has trained me for over two years and she has totally transformed my body. I have never looked and felt this good in my life! “


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Let's Do This Together