Adult Classes


An up-tempo, music blasting, strength class taught in a group fitness format. Using the world famous LesMills training bars and aerobic boxes you will definitely feel the burn as we target one body part at a time working it to complete exhaustion. There is no filler here, just good old fashion heavy weights and hard work!

(Endurance – 5%) (Strength – 90%) (Flexibility/Mobility– 5%)


An engaging combo session that focuses on incorporating strength endurance, HIIT cardio bursts, balance training, and core training all organized together in one 60 minute session with a killer soundtrack! All fitness levels are encouraged to attend this class!

(Endurance – 45%) (Strength – 35%) (Flexibility/Mobility – 25%)


A barrage of training methods such as primal movements, boxing, muay thai, HIIT cardio, plyometrics and more. This is an all out 60-minute non-stop assault on your body designed to help you awaken the beast within, guarantee this class will get your heart rate up and your body fat down! Light prior boxing experience is preferred but if not no worries, try out strike for the first session.

(Endurance – 60%) (Strength – 20%) (Flexibility/Mobility – 20%)


A treadmill based CARDIO class. This is the High Intensity Interval training class that puts all others to shame. It will have you gasping for air, swearing out loud and burning CRAZY calories all day long. Designed for runners of all types, sweat teaches you how to do time intervals properly using various inclines and speeds you might otherwise not think possible. Come sweat and learn how to make running fun again!

(Endurance – 80%) (Strength – 5%) (Flexibility/Mobility – 15%)


Start the weekend with a restful soft tissue session, some mellow music and an active mobility routine that’s enough to get you sweating but not so much that you’ll feel beat down. Come learn a variety of core, stretching and foam rolling techniques you can use to improve your performance

(Endurance – 10%) (Strength – 20%) (Flexibility/Mobility – 70%)


Ever wonder what it would feel like to climb Mount Everest? This may not be the actual mountain but it will certainly make you question your choice to attempt it. To join this class you must be able to run with no injuries or limitations. Big heavy lifts, primal body weight movements and sprints. Feel like testing your limits? Come on in and get some.

Difficulty Level (Endurance – 45%) (Strength – 45%) (Flexibility/Mobility – 10%)


Land & Sea combines biking, running, and rowing into one crazy high-intensity class. Whether you are a tri-athlete or busy parent, land, and sea will push you past your limits. This high-intensity class will require you to move fast and be ok with breathing heavy. Are you truly in condition?
To reap the full benefits of this class please bring a heart rate monitor or ask a coach to purchase one.

Difficulty Level (Metabolic Conditioning/Recovery – 80%) (Strength – 10%) (Flexibility/Mobility – 10%)


A.K.A – “Bust that…”, is an ANYTHING goes style workout that takes place in everywhere in every way; inside, outside with battle ropes, sleds, kettle bells and much more. Just make sure you come ready to work and we’ll handle the rest that way you can leave drenched in sweat knowing you just got a killer workout.

(Endurance – 45%) (Strength – 45%) (Flexibility/Mobility – 10%)


Calling all ex-athletes, weekend warriors, and weight lifting enthusiasts! Flex is a small group training session that is exactly what it sounds like – LIFTING. Learn how to incorporate the bigger lifts into your regular workout routine from a trained professional who will correct, modify and coach you to perfect form. Track your progress and watch yourself get stronger week after week.

(Endurance – 15%) (Strength – 75%) (Flexibility/Mobility – 10%)

Total Conditioning

A group fitness style interval class that uses different combinations of weights, agility obstacles and bodyweight exercises to put your muscular endurance to the test and keep your body guessing. This class is phenomenal for increasing your metabolism and conditioning! Push-ups and lunges AND burpies… OH MY!

(Endurance – 55%) (Strength – 35%) (Flexibility/Mobility – 10%)


A low intensity class that teaches clients the skills needed for lifting with pain free movement. Move better by correcting imbalances and learning how to you need to stretch. Learn the core mechanics to our 6 major lifts. This class is also combined with light cardio to provide you with a well-rounded workout that will surely build a strong base and keep you feeling confident.

(Endurance – 30%) (Strength – 50%) (Flexibility/Mobility – 20%)


An interval class that tracks every aspect of your workout. Experience a new type of high intensity workout where the interval and recovery time is individualized on a physiological level. These personalized numbers will directly guide each interval to give you the most impactful training session. Now witness what your body is truly capable of.
To reap the full benefits of this class please bring a heart rate monitor or ask a coach for more details.

(Endurance – 80%) (Strength – 5%) (Flexibility/Mobility – 15%)


Learn the fundamentals of boxing. In this class, you will gain the skills necessary to punch and move properly. This cardio/skill class is a HIIT style workout that will push your capabilities yet teach you new techniques on the heavy bag.

(Endurance – 50%) (Strength – 25%) (Flexibility/Mobility – 25%)


Is a metabolic conditioning class that combines power, endurance, and strength to complete as many exercises as possible with little rest. This will maximize metabolic output during and after the workout. MET-CON uses
body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, TRX’s, SLEDs, and much more for a killer calorie burn.It’s Challenging, Effective, and AWESOME!

Difficulty Level (Endurance – 60%) (Strength – 30%) (Flexibility/Mobility – 10%)

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